Keeping my ADAM A77X's pristine in the studio. I am loving these ARB Covers!

Mark Hill
The Original Dodger, UK

"Gavin and the team at ARB Covers went above and beyond our expectations. The tailored solution they came up with not only looks stunning but also incorporates extra protection where it matters.

We are now looking at other products that may benefit from this sort of protection offered by ARB Covers.

Stuart Down
Quested Monitoring Systems, UK

The ARB covers are a brilliant addition to my studio! Not only do they look fantastic and are clearly made from high quality materials - they actually protect my very expensive studio monitors, and that can only be a good thing!

Aubrey Whitfield
London, UK

Big shoutout to ARB Covers for sending over these protection covers for my ADAM A77X's. Now I know I'm going to have these speakers for the rest of my life!

Beat by JBlack
Atlanta, USA

Story of ARB Covers

Gavin Arblaster

Owner of ARB Covers

Here at ARB Covers, we LOVE music... Even more, we LOVE music equipment!

Started in early 2017, ARB Covers was an idea of mine to protection, my own studio monitors, while I was working away from home. The one thing I wanted was to keep them protected from dust + cold studio environments until I arrived back to the studio. Understanding that there wasn't anything to cover these monitors on the market, I decided to "Make My Own" to fit for purpose! 

And that is how ARB Covers started.   

Going into 2020, ARB Covers has provided covers for Quested Monitoring Systems, ADAM Audio, FOCAL, Slate Raven MTi2,  Monochrome productions, Brelliott Amp, Bloodline Music and many many more.

DJ & Producers like Mark Hill | Ben Remember | D. Ramirez | TIJN | Dudley Strangeways | Annie Erriez | Aubrey Whitfield | Beats by JBlack | Kurves | Raid Zero | Bloodline Music | Bunny | AKADIAN  

We also have made bespoke covers for mixing desks, modular racks, travel bags for speakers and guitar amps/speakers helping them keep dust-free and protected when in travel.

Please add ARB Covers on social media keep up-to-date with new products and news!

Thank you for checking out ARB Covers and remember... 

Cover that sh*t up!



Demo of ARB Covers:

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